I always chart my own route.

My horizons are global in space and time. I’ve spent meaningful time in more than 20 countries on 5 continents and am obsessed with ‘building to last.’

I founded Romulus Capital when I was at MIT. We have a ‘get shit done’ DNA — focused on building, rather than betting on, companies. I have helped build several companies out of some of the world’s most advanced ecosystems, including MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and The University of Cambridge.

I care deeply about weaving “giving back” into our fabric. We launched the Romulus Foundation to do good, particularly for the next generation.

Simple moments of delight have included shooting film in Himalayan villages, watching Michael Jordan and Tom Brady play, reading Orhan Pamuk’s prose, writing number theory proofs, landing in conflict zones, and devouring Sicilian cannoli.

ENFJ. I love authentic, audacious people. Reach out!