6 is special for my GOATs

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick won their 6th Super Bowl last night. I’m still in shock! As I’ve noted, I was incredibly fortunate to have arrived in New England 2 weeks before Brady came in for Bledsoe. Naturally, I feel like my journey has been tied to that of the Pats…the 18 years since that day have been an incredible run for the Patriots, and for Boston sports in general. What a time to be a Bostonian!

But this 6th title is particularly resonant for me because it equals the number of titles Michael Jordan won with the Bulls in Chicago, where I grew up. The MJ & Phil Jackson pairing was as iconic, as transcendent, as spiritual as Brady & Belichick. I will never forget the moment MJ drained that 20-foot jumper to win his 6th just like I will never forget Brady’s 29-yard throw to Gronk to all but clinch his own 6th. I know how much the 6th one meant for MJ and how much it meant to Brady to catch MJ. Both won their 6 championships in 2 spells of 3. 6 is special – you need 2 hands for your rings!

Both MJ and Brady are killers. They are both winners who kill to win. Having intently watched their every move over a decade or more, the difference between the look in their eyes and what I saw in anyone else has always been obvious. Neither was the most physically blessed nor the most naturally skilled athlete; both made up the gap between that and the “Greatest of All Time” status they rightfully enjoy through a combination of relentless hard work, intelligence, leadership, and the desire to be the f-ing greatest by winning (not by proclaiming like LeBron does!)

These are the 2 greatest sportsmen of all time in their respective sports (and possibly all of sports) who BUILT the 2 greatest sports dynasties in all of professional sports. Dynasties built from scratch. It’s nearly impossible I will ever be able to call another MJ or Brady (let alone 2 of them!) my own (the {probability of having lived in Chicago ’91-98} X the {probability of having lived in Boston ’01-’19} must be crazy low).

In fact, it’s highly likely there won’t be another MJ or Brady anywhere for decades to come. So I relish every minute I get and extract as much inspiration as I can to stockpile for the rest of my life. Studying these winners has been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. There is no middle ground if you want to follow in their footsteps: you either commit to trying to be the greatest or you don’t. I have tremendous respect for their style of winning and of living.

6 is a special number. Just like the journeys of my 2 GOATs, MJ & Brady, it is ascetic and artistic at the same time. I’m thrilled I got to see it happen again.