New Year Resolution 2019: ‘Make more music’ (Reverie mix)

“Une belle histoire ne va jamais sans cette continuité imperturbable…qu’on trouve dans la démarche de la rêverie, à partir de la réalité”

“A story is never really moving and successful without the imperturbable continuity…which is to be found on the borderland between reality and reverie”

– Albert Camus in “The Rebel”

2018 was a year of great growth for me. I was able to focus significantly on my physical and mental health, and feel really energized, empowered, relaxed at the top of the new year. It’s a positive ‘je ne sais quoi’ for once!

But I felt increasingly constrained, unable to take advantage of my creativity, unable to lean into my intuition. Part of this involves time constraints and part of it involves more real constraints. So I have a very simple resolution for 2019: ‘Make more music’ – both literally and figuratively. I’ll fight to remove constraints on my creative spirit, as that leads me to be my best self. I encourage everyone to find their own creative spirit as it unleashes much more. La rêverie is more important than le rêve – it’s important to daydream your way into new opportunities and out of old problems.

Ready to craft the 2019 chapter in this story! Chaaaaaargeeeeeeeee

(Photo is from one of the most extravagant grand pianos you’ll ever find – a restored Bechstein in green malachite from 1895 – in The Reverie in Saigon, Vietnam, where I spent New Year’s Day. They kindly let me play it!)